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About Us

R&R by Roberto and Rotem is a boutique agency who represent international models in the highest level. Created by Rotem Gur and Roberto Ben Shoshan under the policy of personal management. The agency develops the models from a young age closely with caring and devotion in order to make each and everyone of them a top model.


Rotem Gur

Co-Founder & CEO

Rotem Gur is a "6b studio" honor graduate in fashion design. Joining "Roberto Models" in 2014, Rotem focused on international high fashion models. She got an exclusive contract with Dior for Sofia Mechetner when she met accidentally the creative director of the brand (at the time Mr. Raf Simons) at a Dior shop in Paris, while she was shopping with Sofia. A few month later she founded R&R.

Roberto Ben Shoshan


Roberto is the owner of "Roberto Models", an Israeli agency that was created by him 18 years ago. He became the best in the local industry by making stars one by one. With the success, the agency has grown and he started represent talents as well, such as actresses and singers. Some of the biggest names are: Moran Atias, Sharon Genish, Agam Rotberg, Noa Kirel.


Mor Mika
Manager and head booker

Mor joined R&R 6 years ago as a model booker. Over the years she is manage to develop as a manager and head booker in the agency- an indication of the level of recognition she has achieved for her expertise in the fashion industry and model management. Because of her extraordinary talent, Mor is managing and representing some of our most successful models and working with some of the most renowned publication and brands in the world.

Miki Sandrusi

Model Booker

Miki Joined "R&R"  as a Model Booker.
Miki scouts new talent and books jobs for the models he represent, and works with them on creating a successful career. Focused on international high fashion models.
Miki helps his clients cultivate the right personal style and image for the type of career they want.

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